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Raffle Prizes

**Over $2,000 worth of services and products will be given away! **

1. GRAND PRIZE #1 – FREE Face & Neck IPL**

2. GRAND PRIZE #2 – 60 Units of FREE Dysport **

3. GRAND PRIZE #3 – FREE Mobile (within 10 miles from downtown Cville) or in-clinic IV from Thrive Mobile IV **

4. FREE Jan Marini Facial demo at event

5. FREE Jan Marini Facial

6. FREE Jan Marini Glycolic Acid facial

7. FREE laser hair removal on upper lip/chin

8. FREE Jan Marini skin product

9. FREE Neocutis skin product

10. FREE Skinmedica skin product

**must complete an event passport to be entered to win!

Event Feature: Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Receive 10% off any booked packages on event night + FREE
Jan Marini Facial + OTHER SAVINGS!

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, emits a variety of wavelengths into your skin and targets melanin-producing cells that rise to the surface. By converting light to heat, the light destroys the melanin-producing cells. A new layer of skin is revealed beneath these flaking layers, revealing radiant, youthful skin. The IPL treatment with Magma technology is such an incredibly gentle process that we can treat it almost anywhere!
You should see results after just one treatment, but usually, it takes three to five treatments for optimal results. We will determine the exact number of treatments needed during your initial consultation at Health and Wellness Spa.
You should not experience any interruption to your daily activities following an IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. For a few hours following your treatment, you may experience some pinkness or mild discomfort – similar to a sunburn.

IPL laser resurfacing treatments can address:

● Age spots & sun damage
● Hyperpigmentation
● Fine lines & wrinkles
● Stretch marks
● Sun-damaged skin
● Freckles
● Acne scars & other scars
● Rosacea
● Photorejuvenation
● Pigmented lesions
● Nail fungus

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