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Kybella – Double Chin

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Kybella – Double Chin

Despite a healthy diet and consistent exercise program, losing fullness under the chin is not always easy. Kybella is the only FDA-approved prescription injectable that is approved to eliminate fullness under the chin, commonly called the “double chin.” Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in Kybella, destroys the fat storage membranes and eliminates the fat cells’ ability to store fat. Natural processes in the body ultimately remove or greatly reduce the fat in the treated area, leading to a chin profile you’ll be proud of!

Kybella is a non-invasive treatment option that only kills fat cells in the treated areas, requiring little downtime. Treatment is quick and convenient for most patients over 18, but it is important to discuss your individual concerns and goals with our team at Health and Wellness Spa.

Benefits of Kybella include:


Kybella injectable treatments help reduce submental (under the chin) fullness, commonly referred to as a double chin. Kybella, a synthetic derivative of deoxycholic acid, is injected into treatment areas to destroy and eliminate fat.
Kybella can take 2-3 months to see measurable results, but the results you get will be worth the wait.
A patient may have two, four, or even six treatments, each scheduled at least a month apart. After each treatment, the acid must work in the body for four to six weeks before the first results can be seen. We will create a custom treatment plan for each patient, based on their chin profile and degree of fullness account.
Kybella’s results are permanent. Once the treatment has destroyed the fat cells, they can no longer store fat.

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