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Laser Vein Treatments

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Laser Vein Treatments

If spider veins are making you self-conscious about wearing shorts and bathing suits, consider laser spider vein treatments from Health and Wellness Spa.

Spider veins occur where blood flow is improper, which causes veins to enlarge and become more visible on the skin’s surface. These veins are usually blue-red or purple in color and are merely cosmetic. They pose no health risks or cause any symptoms. Spider veins most commonly develop on the legs and ankles due to genetics and lifestyle but can also appear on the face, arms, and abdomen as tiny, thin veins and weblike clusters of veins (telangiectatic matting). At Health and Wellness Spa, we use Magma’s advanced laser technology and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to effectively remove spider veins from anywhere on the body, including the face and legs.

Laser vein treatments are most commonly used for:

Benefits of Laser Vein Treatments include:

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Laser light treatment uses specific wavelengths of energy to deliver pulses of heat energy directly to the target area to coagulate blood and seal veins.
Laser vein treatment is ideal for patients who are in good overall health, who do not smoke, and who don’t suffer from blood diseases or bleeding problems.
Cosmetic improvements in the appearance of veins will be immediately noticeable and will continue to occur over time.
Laser Vein therapy does not require any downtime, so you should be able to return to your normal activities right away.

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